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Law of Attraction Made Easy

How’s life with the law of attraction now? Ever since the first encounter with ‘The Secret’, how well have it been manifesting your ideal life, the one you wanted so much? Not as smooth and fast as those guys have mentioned I presume, you will probably receive more feedbacks from watching your lawn grass grow than from the universe.

Well, the good news is, despite the controversy that surrounds it, the law of attraction is not a fraud and it is still working its magic right now. The bad news is, you’re probably not performing the creative process correctly, as 90% of believers out there are doing too. I’ll go into the creative process and how to refine it in a moment.

Personally, I am a supporter of the law of attraction. It is enlightening to see how people have become more focused and optimistic in their life when they start to believe and practise the law of attraction. That is why it is so important for everybody to discover and understand the secret to the ‘Secret’. Its effects of changing people’s lives are far-reaching and definitely worth supporting for. There are many people all over the world who are addressing the law of attraction and its issues, all in a bid to make it work for everybody.

Wouldn’t you like it if you can really have a genie that can grant you infinite wishes? Now, imagine one sitting right beside you (try thinking of a green and semi-naked Arabian with the classical bald head and a pony tail, it helps), showing you a catalogue of blank pages. One rule: all you have to do is i-m-a-g-i-n-e anything you want in vivid details on the pages, wish for it from deep within your heart and *poof*, you’ll have it right there on your lap.

One word though, if the image you conjured is fuzzy, poorly defined or contradicts with your innermost feelings, even the genie can’t help you with it. What do you expect him to give you? Cotton balls?

The actual law of attraction works the same way. There are three steps to it. They are known collectively as the creative process:




Ask: First, know exactly what it is you desire. The clearer you can see it in your head, the easier it is for you to get it. You will find creative visualization most helpful here. Most importantly, it must be sincere and from the bottom of your heart. Second, a-s-k the universe for exactly what you have just conjured in your mind. Describe every tiny details of what you want and you would have asked.

Believe: Believe that it’s already yours. Have a firm belief that it is coming your way. There is no need to question the logic of its mechanism; the law of attraction will always work. Act, speak and think as though you already have it in your possession. One useful way of doing so is to describe, using all your five senses plus emotions, your life when you are enjoying whatever you’ve asked. The law of attraction will shift the people, events and thoughts in the universe for you to receive it.

Receive: This is the most misunderstood step of all. Most critics believe that it only involve sitting in a sofa while your desires manifest themselves right beside you. Of course things will never work out if you expect stuffs to materialise literally from thin air. The actual way to r-e-c-e-i-v-e is to observe and feel what the universe is telling you and f-o-l-l-o-w the direction it points you at. It is definitely not waiting pointlessly for Christmas to come early.

What you want may manifest themselves as luck, inspirations, actions to be taken or literally, gifts from heaven. Sometimes, your presents will be delivered in a more subtle form. Have you seen how the classic Zen masters teach their disciples? It is through a string of words that makes absolutely no sense when interpreted objectively. The underlying meaning is subtle and depends on individual interpretations. Its value is purely subjective. Likewise, the universe doesn’t leave a map and a translator for you to find the exact spot and decipher its clues.

Nope, all you need is a sense of gratitude. When you fill your heart with gratitude, you will find yourself more appreciative of your surroundings, this helps in picking up and understanding what the universe wants you to do next; in addition, you will feel more light-hearted, which will attract even more gratitude and appreciation and in turn a keener eye for where your treasures lie.

I have my fair share of lucky draw prizes, profitable ideas for businesses, valuable contacts and many other ‘lucky’ moments after applying the creative process. I can enumerate all the other stuffs that I had manifested with the law of attraction.

All my successes with the law of attraction do not come at the first try. It took me some research and experiments to refine the techniques I used. People who have claimed failures with the law of attraction are usually weak in certain aspects, which I have identified, along with some solutions.
They are: poor visualization skills, emotional burdens, a lack of beliefs and a terrible lack of gratitude.

All the 4 problems can actually be rectified without the heavy arsenals of modern technology that requires you to sell the family car to afford it. You can check it out in the resource box below. In fact, it’s free, downloadable, printable and definitely visually pleasing. Best of all, you only need half an hour to finish the material and five minutes to practise the solution.

If you can recall back the creative process, a-s-k requires a clear image of what you want and it must not contradict with your innermost emotions. People who are weak in creative visualization or having emotional burdens may have problem here.

B-e-l-i-e-v-e requires a steadfast belief in the law of attraction and behaving as though your desires are already in possession. People who are weak in creative visualization and have trouble believing the law of attraction will face some hiccups here.

R-e-c-e-i-v-e requires a sense of gratitude, happiness and willingness to follow your heart. People who have troubles with gratitude, beliefs and relieving of emotional burdens will have problems here.

From many other people’s experiences, the biggest problem most people faced with the law of attraction is the battle of logics within themselves. One of the most common battles is to find the balance between wealth and greed. They worry that if their wealth increases, it also means others have lesser of it. This worry is a matter of perspective.

If they start to see the world in abundance, the universe will deliver abundance to them too. If they continue to see wealth as a big pail of water, of course they will express doubts when too many people are fighting to draw water from the pail. Abundance will come when they start to see wealth as the giant ocean. No matter how much you or anyone accumulates water, the ocean will still look as abundant as before.